Toke Makinwa’s Pains, Dreams


On-Air-Personality, actress, model, fashion entrepreneur and multi-media celebrity, Toke Makinwa, was 36 last Tuesday. She spent the day reflecting on her pains and dreams at 36, writes Ferdinand Ekechukwu

Beneath the facade of a seemingly happy life and successful career, lie many expectations and challenges. That aptly describes multi-media celebrity cum fashion entrepreneur, Toke Makinwa. The On-Air-Personality, actress and model took to the social media last Tuesday to bare it all so you know there’s nothing like picture perfect image to her as she turned 36 years on November 3. In a post on her Instagram page, the showbiz girl shared the many struggles she has had to face this year and some of the many expectations she had before her 36th birthday which are yet to materialize.

Toke’s expectations lately have largely dwelt on marriage and childbirth. Barely few months to her 35th birthday last year, the fashionista had expressed her wish to walk down the aisle a second time and also make (male) babies as she made known her birthday dreams. The controversial media girl had among other things declared in a post: “I want to wake up to the sounds of the ocean, visit nearby islands, drink some rum and live it up as it’s my last year as a single girl. Ready to give marriage a second chance and of course the bambinos too. . .”

Toke had the year before last hankered for a man when she expressed her feelings thus. “Times like this guys, I wish I had a man to get home to. A man to kick it with, just chat about work and other times I just grab the remote control and watch TV. . . whoever I marry, you gona be proud of this baby girl, you will bless God daily for the warrior he’s blessed you with. A cornerstone, her spirit is undefeated, her soul is gold. My kids will call me blessed.”

Since her 18-month-old-marriage to Maje Ayida, (the famous body fitness expert) crashed irredeemably in the most scandalous manner in 2017, the OAP has been linked to a few high society men who she has at her beck and call. The question now is: Who is Toke settling down with? Simply put in Pidgin English, ‘Na who Toke wan marry abi na who wan marry Toke?’ Once a young black girl with mighty dreams, Toke as a single lady is doing well especially with a thriving career in media, modeling and make-believe.

In her lengthy birthday post to mark her 36th birthday, the social media influencer said she thought that by this time of the year, she would be pregnant with her first issue and posting “baby on the way” pictures, but her belly is still flat, and her waist is still disappearing. The divorced media personality who was seen twerking up a storm at her birthday gig lamented bitterly about her struggles in the now viral post. The socialite gave an insight into the challenges and emotional hullabaloo she has had to face this year. According to her, the only thing she has got going for her is work. Toke recalls losing friends to betrayal and her anxiety on an all-time high.

Toke who shared a stunning photo of herself and had earlier announced that she contracted the dreaded COVID-19 and hoped she would be fine before her birthday, detailed in her lamentation the following: “The month of October was not the best I’ve felt, I don’t just want to post glam pictures cos I do love the glam life but that’s not all there is to me. I have been given this platform to share, to rise, to fall, to bare it all so you all know that there’s nothing like picture perfect, we are all just trying to figure life out. I was stressed emotionally, exhausted spiritually, working round the clock feeling empty cos I had so many expectations and it seemed like the devil heard be brag so loud about how good God has been to me, he decided to test my mind.
“Falling sick after God told me the plague in the land will not visit my family… I couldn’t travel cos my work load kept piling and I just wasn’t feeling great. I stopped praying cos I was tired of the same prayer points and as my birthday drew closer I felt even more anxious.

“Yesterday I watched a sermon by @sarahjakesroberts titled “Girl get up” and I broke down really bad. I was carrying it all in, smiling for the world but the weight of all my emotions was on override and I let it all out. I felt God, I felt new and I felt peace. I started to remind myself of that little girl with dreams, the little girl that wanted to live the life that I live now and though all isn’t perfect. I am turning 36 whole. I know only God could have brought me this far and the view from the 36th floor will be even more amazing.

“I know this was meant to be a hot picture but I decided to share this to let someone out there know that we are all in this thing called life together. All of it, the happy and sad, the joy and aches, the wins and loss, the view will only get better, I promise you. Sorry for the long caption, if it’s not for you, scroll and pass but if it is, read it knowing God knows your name and he makes no mistakes. He is never late and your miracle is taking longer cos it will be a sign to the whole world that he did it. Hang in there”.

The ‘Baby girl for life’ has only managed to stay true to her tag by looking as flawless as ever on her 36th birthday.
In a follow up post, the vlogger gave gratitude to God as she gets ready for a series of audacious takeovers. “The view from the 36th floor is Bold…….. Get ready for a series of ‘audacious’ takeovers. It gets better from here. It’s my birthday I’m on my worst behavior” She captioned her subsequent post thus: “03/11. The day I came to be. 36 is the year for signs and wonders. A series of ‘audacious takeovers’ is about to happen this year, I can’t wait. Thank you God for the gift of life, to think I beat the Rona, survived 20/20, there has been so much increase. My life is the real definition of grace. I’m too thankful to see another day. I’m the birthday gyal and I’m going to disturb your timelines today.”