Melanie, Dave Dupuis are Expanding the Frontiers of Real Estate Industry


In this report, Ugo Aliogo writes about the successes of Melanie and Dupius in the Canadian’s business

“We do everything as a couple,” Melanie Dupuis said about her power pairing with her husband, Dave. Together, the couple are approaching the real estate industry as a unit, maintaining sole ownership in all their ventures. “We are Canadian investors and mentors who solely own all our 30 properties with 200+ units,” Melanie admitted.

But the realities of their lives were different a few years ago when Dave and Melanie were involved in a life-threatening accident.

“It was otherwise a beautiful day when suddenly our lives changed by someone’s careless driving. This transport driver selfishly speeding and swerving in between the three-lane highway caused the collision that sent us flying into the guardrail. Our Suburban instantly rolled four times across the highway and left us lying on our roof facing oncoming traffic. Miraculously, despite all odds, we survived. Bystanders came to our rescue by stopping oncoming traffic going over 100km/hour and helping us crawl through our broken windows. As soon as the ambulance arrived, they put me on a backboard and secured my neck with a collar and we were both rushed to the hospital. This near-death experience was life-changing,” recounted Melanie.

One of the changes in their lives was Melanie deciding to quit her job. She had the freedom to do so as she already had an impressive real estate portfolio. “The reality of going back to work was quickly approaching and I couldn’t bear the thought of spending one more day doing something I didn’t enjoy. But because I already had numerous properties, I had the freedom of choice to quit my job in my 30s,” she hinted.

She focused on continuing to grow her real estate business with her husband and together they have achieved so much. “We won the 2020 Canadian Business Award as Leading Experts in Real Estate Investing. “ Melanie noted. “We solely own $20,000,000+ in real estate. “We also own an award winning Property Management company – Dupuis Properties, which has been rated numerous times Top 3 apartment to Rent and we also won the 2019 Business of the Year Award.”