When Governors Hope to Be Senators


When sitting governors hope to be senators after their ineffectual, checkered terms in office, most often than not, determined by the powerful Abuja manipulations or the machinations of a patron (the “godfather” in Nigerian-speak parlance), they all suffer from a culture of silence when armed Fulani militiamen invade the domains they govern and cut hapless folks down to pieces in premediated cold-blood slaughter.

Their deafening silence is sweet music to the ears of election-riggers who ensure they get those coveted senate seats and grow fatter backsides as a consequence, sitting over at the Red Chamber just schmoozing with and stroking the ego of the chair of that chamber.

But, is a desire for a senate seat worth the lives of hapless folks? If a sitting governor reacts in indignation to Fulani killing and threatens to align with international concern about these killings, thousands will have lifelines, quite literally, if you will.

Thus, it really baffles me that the All Progressives Congress political party will rubbish the concern expressed by the UK’s Inter-Party Parliamentary Group’s report on the ongoing subtle genocidal purging by armed Islamic groups in the Northeast and the Middle Belt segments of Nigeria. Why would the APC rubbish this report?

––Sunday Adole Jonah, Department of Physics, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger State