Understanding Coronavirus as a Reset Code


Iboro Otu, an Abuja-based businessman and politician offers an authentic explanation for the COVID-19 pandemic

How many beings co-exist on this earth oblivious of each other? We have our mind and spirit co-existing in perfect harmony amid blurred boundaries/levels within our bodies.

How many other planes of existence occupy this same space we call earth – yet because our activities are vibrating at different frequencies, we neither can hear, touch, feel, breathe or see each other; which doesn’t mean they’re not here or we are not there. And talking about the senses, that we have five or so of them doesn’t mean there aren’t hundreds more, maybe a thousand, maybe a million. A billion, who knows how many numbers of senses exist? And talking about numbers, as humans, numbers, just like time, gives us a sense of measurement and a metronome for distance. Humans measure any thing linearly, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc, however, others quantize in huge multiples. As we linearly multiply, the complexity of zeros makes it harder to understand. A trillion years, the many zeros behind the 1’s makes it incomprehensible or not easily attainable in the physical realm yet the sun is that far out of reach. In the spiritual and computational helm where time and space aren’t scarce commodities, a trillion to a transistor computer is an easy count. Many computers today can compute trillions in one second! What is that one second to a computer? It can solve a complex mathematical problem that would take a genius 100 years – in that one second. So what does time mean to a computer? Now imagine what time means to a spirit which is a higher quantum computer of unknown zero number multiples? At different levels, time can slow down, hasten up or stand perfectly still in space like a vector quantity. What is time to a rock? Three weeks is a lifetime to a mosquito. And light? Light travels 3,000,000,000 meters per second! Spirit, traveling a trillion times faster than the speed of light controls the indivisibility of time.

For all we know, there could be millions and billions of occupants on this earth, each living at different levels and peeking out of different tesseracts beyond our conventional 3-dimension – yet on the same plane and not obstructing each other, we pass through them, they pass through us in perfect harmony. Yet still, there are billions and billions of planets out there and yet still, these planets exist on physical forms. Even within our physical space, the number of abundance thereof is daunting. Imagine then, the mental and the spiritual, the many quintillion planes and levels we are yet to perceive because we are yet to develop the senses.

Until we vibrate at a certain frequency, we cannot perceive or achieve certain things, as metaphysical and scientific as it sounds, it is true at every level. Primary school Mathematics is simple to you today because you learnt and transcended that knowledge, as such your attitude towards it is different from someone at that level. Trust me, a lot of other people are still grappling with it this very minute as if their lives depended on it.

As daunting as it may sound, we live in a world of abundance where there is more than enough for everyone to live by. Just look around you for a second. The most important things we need, without which for a day we all would die, are in bountiful supply. Air, water, space, sunlight. The I.I., the Infinite Intelligence, the Interminable SentineI, the I Am That I Am, call Him what you might, made sure He supplied us more than what we needed, to eternity. Allogrithmically, He has made sure that by the time we ran out of earth’s supplies, we would’ve been smart enough to reside in another planet. Guess how many planets has He made available for that? Can you count them across our galaxy? So far, are your zeros enough? You could stack your zeros from earth to the moon and yet still not complete the count of stars and planets so far discovered in our universe. More are coming. Believe me or not, the amount of crude oil supply on earth is so much that everyone could own a mini refinery and mine enough crude for their family until a new form of energy is discovered. Coal is almost going extinct, yet there are still billions of tonnes more underground, and so shall it be world without end.

Our suffering and lack thereof are all man made and artificial. Whatever we are going through today is because we have allowed certain mind views to become institutionalized. Our 3-D options open us to limited alternatives, up or down, in or out, left or right. We have more options in front of us. We all run after artificial money whose value really don’t exist. We lend money it’s meaning and legitimacy. Today, digital money is becoming as valuable as paper money, what does this tell you about the power of the ether? Anything, whether it is, government, power, rules and laws, all are layers and forms of artificial control with intrinsic value nonetheless but meaningless when we don’t recognize them. First, we must accept and recognize them for them to have legitimacy. But at instances where they fail – because we evolve, things change and the old become inadequate – these parameters have to change. The ‘programmes’ therefore need to be updated.

When a universal software requires updating, the Almighty does so in different forms, whether it is hurricanes, tragic earthquakes, solar flares and all other natural disasters/phenomenons seen and unseen, these are done to reset and replace programmes that are no more working as they should at all levels. When things go terribly wrong, the earth has the ability to reset itself to near ‘factory setting’, whether it is via Coronavirus, the Bubonic plague, World Wars, whatever it is, there are reset codes.

God is a Voice, a voice that speaks in Words though its encrypted programmable language, that language carries an Alpha-Omega Code out of which all other softwares, programmes and lifeforms are generated. In everything it has ‘created’, it leaves in it a code, its identity tying it back to the mainframe, the main source, the Almighty. Wherever there are anomalies – programmes doing what they are not supposed to be doing – be it ‘ghosts’, ‘natural disasters’, ‘human disasters’; watch the pattern; a new/better programme is about to emerge to replace it.

And this has brought me inexplicably here, comparing this to the situation we have with our earthly governments; how we live and how they’re supposed to be responsible for our wellbeing, for earth is heaven in mimic. Most of us will agree within ourselves and without argument that these frameworks of control are no more working as they’re supposed to; in favor of us and indeed of all humanity. As such, in as much as we try to change them and change things, we also should know that we are on the right side of Karma. The Earth in itself rejects what is sustainably counterproductive. We are on the right side of history.

And so as we struggle, we should be mindful not to struggle too hard, because divinity is involved and in our favour. Our major focus as such, should be on the limitless possibilities we intend to manifest because at the right time, the opportunity will arrive, whether we like it, push for it or not. Today, next year, one hundred years, one billion years is meaningless to the Almighty Sentinel.

May God speak to you.