If You See Yourself As An A-List Artiste, Then You Will Do Music – Says Nome


Africa as a whole is making wave all over the world through consistent release of good songs and quality music videos. Conquering the world through music and soaring in it’s effect, Nigerian and African musicians alike are seeking to solidify their place in the music world through attaining an A list status.

A list musicians are professionals at the very top of their game, with very strong track record of making good songs. When an artiste is perceived as popular with a very large fan base and accolades to go with it they can be classified as one.

The fast rising star, Nome also has his say on what he thinks about being an A list musician. The strong opinioned song writer believes that many African artistes are too comfortable with been in their status quo and goes ahead to insist becoming A list and even achieving legendary status should be top priority for every musician.

Speaking on his formula for attaining an A list status he shares, “If you see yourself as an A list musician, then you will do music like an A list musician and that’s how you become an A list artist.”

The artiste states the need for consistency, hard work and the need to continue to look for ways to improve on your craft are the major ingredients an A list musician should posses and how he sees himself as an embodiment of these qualities.