Casino with 78-Million-Pixel Screen to Be Launched

Casino with 78-Million-Pixel Screen to Be Launched

World renowned casino named the Circa Resort and Casino will be launched for operations in Las Vegas in October, and it will be equipped with a 78-million-pixel screen that can be seen from the betting area. Apart from that, another 14-million pixel screen will be positioned in the pool area.

With online gambling in Vegas being legal, this is something which will almost certainly get casino-goers away from the wave of new online casinos recently launched and into the mega casinos on the world-famous Strip.

The casino is scheduled to commence operations way before the date that was given earlier, and it will come with the high definition screen of 78 million pixels – something described as the largest that any betting area has seen in the entire Las Vegas.

From two of the three storey stadium style edifice, people can see the screen. The casino is designed to accommodate at least 1,000 guests in the stadium-like first and second floor, while the third will be used as a studio for broadcasting by the Vegas Stats and Information Network (VSiN).

The fifth floor of the casino will have the largest rooftop pool amphitheater in the entire United States, and it will also have a 134ft x 41ft screen of 14 million pixels, which will show sports footage. This huge screen could be seen from the six pools that are equipped with temperature controls and the two spas in the amphitheater.

The Circa Resort & Casino game lobby can only admit people that are 21 years and above. The lobby will also feature a neon sign with the image of a cowgirl that was used to advertise the Glitter Gulch strip club in Fremont Street in 1980, but was removed in 2017. It is named the Vegas Vickie.

The resort is designed with a mix of traditional classic Vegas themes and modern luxury, and it will contain 777 rooms within its 71 degree tower. There are many room options available, ranging from the gigantic suites to the bunk bedrooms. Some of them are equipped with dining areas and in room wet bars. There are also some super cabanas for large groups, and each can host up to 50 guests.

By the end of October 2020, the parking garage and the first five floors will start accepting guests, because construction work in those areas has been completed before the set date due to the occurring events. It will take till December 28th for the hotel tower to be completed.

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