UEFA Nations League: Denmark vs Belgium, Others Live on GOtv


A series of top-flight games involving elite European teams across various football, competitions will be aired live on GOtv during this week.

The games which started on Thursday and end on Monday is broadcasted live on SuperSport Football (GOtv channel 31) to GOtv Jolli and Max customers and on SuperSport LaLiga (GOtv channel 32) exclusive to GOtv Max customers.

At the peak of the pack is the match fixture of the 2020/2021 UEFA Nations League was the game between Ukraine and Switzerland at Arena L’viv stadium.

Today, European team Denmark, will take on Belgium in the Nations League match which airs live at 7:45pm on SuperSport LaLiga, GOtv channel 32.

Coach Oberto Martínez is hopeful his team, Belgium, will put their best foot forward and clinch a much needed victory for their home fans while Kasper Hjulmad of Denmark is looking forward to seeing Bruun Larsen prove himself worthy to be on the team.

The weekend coverage will be completed with the broadcast of the clash between Serbia and Turkey on Sunday at 7:45pm. The encounter will be aired live on SuperSport LaLiga, channel 32.

On Monday, League B will feature the match between Czech Republic and Scotland. The game which begins at 7:45pm on SuperSport LaLiga will see Scotland seeking to recover from their loss to Czech Republic who have won four of their six meetings with the former.