Easy Does it for Demola Seriki

Demola Seriki

Besides all the best and ugly things that life can offer, the unrepentant variable that is change is likely the most welcome and equally dreaded of all. There was a time when Ademola Rasaq Seriki most probably sneered at every passer-by, eyeing their good fortunes for being indistinguishable from the crowd of humanity—unlike him. That was the past.

The winds of change blew and blew the graces of Providence into Seriki’s yard. Things are really looking up and yummy, special thanks to his recent ambassadorial appointment. Fortune smiled on Seriki when President Muhammadu Buhari forwarded his name—alongside 40 others—for confirmation as non-career ambassadors.

For someone who depressed the steps of Nigerian public service with his unrelenting trek to and fro, the honour of serving the country at the ambassadorial height is not lost on Demola Seriki. To date, his identity is tied to politics, teaching, business and entrepreneurship, accountancy, public administration, and his titled position as the Otun Aare of Lagos.

This is not to say that Demola Seriki always got to enjoy the first fruits of harvests in these positions. Not at all. In fact, it wasn’t so long ago that the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) allegedly took a fancy to him, and seized two of his landed properties over incurred debt. All that is old news in the face of this new appointment.

Judging from Demola Seriki’s tweet, the ambassadorial appointment is an exciting opportunity to serve the country and his All Progressives Congress (APC) again. Recall that he was a minister of something or the other since 2008 all the way into 2010. Perhaps, this is the beginning of a new streak of appointments.

In other news, when providence is on the side of Demola Seriki, he doesn’t hold back at all. And neither does he.