Motorola Solutions Launches Device for African SMEs


By Mary Nnah

Motorola Solutions has launched a new two-way radio device specially designed for small and medium businesses in Africa.

The MOTOTRBO DP540 two-way radio was built for cost-conscious businesses looking to transition to digital technology for reliable and efficient communications.

A statement quoted the Director of Motorola Solutions indirect sales for Sub-Saharan Africa, Laurent Tribout to have said: “The new device, available through certified Motorola Solutions resellers in sub-Saharan Africa, is based on the ETSI Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Standard, proven worldwide in affordable digital systems with low complexity.

“In today’s economy, small and medium businesses are constantly under pressure to deliver more, and deliver fast, all while keeping a conscious mind on reducing costs. With this in mind, we’ve developed a communication solution that holds all the necessary features in one affordable device”

He added: “One of the risks of migrating from analogue to digital technology is the transition period, which can potentially interrupt business operations. To make this transition smooth and easy, the MOTOTRBO DP540 can operate on both digital and analogue modes.

“In this way, radio users can operate and communicate on their new MOTOTRBO DP540 radios while on the job, as the business transitions to digital technology.

The compact, ruggedly-engineered device is built to withstand harsh conditions and resist corrosion even in the saltiest environments such as seaports and harbours. It boasts superior audio output and unique features, such as voice announcement customisation, allowing users to customise the default voice announcement languages using their own audio files.”