Wole Aboderin’s Good Example

Wole Aboderin

As the Special Assistant on NGO Matters, the office of the First Lady, Dr. Wole Aboderin has inadvertently made a grander name for himself.

Since taking up the mantle to assist Dr. Aisha Buhari, Aboderin has won several accolades and is regarded as one of the most diligent, loyal, and honest staff of the first lady. To date, there aren’t that many folks that can stand on equal footing with him regarding passion for the people and loyalty to the first lady and the president.

Among the younger generation of Nigerian leaders, Aboderin is blazing a trail of visionary and deliberate governance, diligence, astuteness, and empathy. With Nigerianness as his core identity, Aboderin is one of the few who makes no qualms about socio-economic class or religious beliefs, rendering unbiased service to the nation and its people. The latest example of Aboderin’s peerless service was his contributions to the people of Oyo State during the last Eid-el-Kabir celebrations.

According to reliable reports, Aboderin was a notable presence during the just-concluded Eid-el-Kabir Islamic celebrations. He reportedly convened several individuals in Oyo State capital, Ibadan, and celebrated the Sallah with them.

This endeavour encompassed entertaining his guests with food and drinks and keeping honest smiles on their faces. At the end of the celebration, these folks felt fulfilled and privileged and gave gratitude to God for people like Aboderin.

This particular effort of Aboderin follows the exact same path as that of his boss, Dr. Aisha Buhari. During the last Christmas celebrations, she empowered Aboderin to distribute food items to Nigerian families in Abuja.

Apparently, Aboderin shares the same passion and heart.So far, Aboderin’s unique blend of skills in information and technology, project management, strategic negotiations, etc., has led to his being a golden goose in the First Lady’s cabinet. His belief that Nigeria’s socio-economic growth can only be shouldered by a skilled and youthful population is also unique to him, and an outstanding trait that others have begun to comprehend and echo.

But beyond these, Aboderin’s understanding of—and sympathy towards—the common man stands him out. Wole Aboderin is a good example of a leader, one with insight and vision, heart and guts.