Filmmaker, Femi Johnson Launches MonoRoom Reality Show for Actors

Filmmaker, Femi Johnson Launches MonoRoom Reality Show for Actors Femi Johnson, a fast-rising Nollywood producer and director, has launched a monologue reality TV show titled ‘MonoRoom’ for up-and-coming actors in Nigeria.

Femi, who believes that the most important resources in Nollywood are talents, has overtime championed the campaign for talent development in Nollywood through his online teachings.

Femi Johnson is an award-winning stage director and has also worked on shows like Africa Magic’s Hush and The Johnson, Desperate Housewives Africa, Casino, Oloibiri, Hello Mr Right, Voice to Fame, Prayer Request and lots more in different capacity.

MonoRoom was created to give talented actors, who have never had the chance to express themselves on the big screen, the opportunity to showcase their acting skills to the global audience.

Interested actors will have to register on for free and submit a monologue video which will be screened.

After screening, 26 actors will be selected from the entry for the first season. In each episode, an actor will be filmed preparing and performing a monologue that was created and scripted by the actor.

Femi Johnson will be available to correct, advise and direct the actors in other to bring out the best in their performance.

According to Femi Johnson, “MonoRoom is first of its kind and the aim is to feature over one thousand actors within 39 seasons. The reality show will be distributed across different media platforms which include but not limited to cable, terrestrial and social media. Audience around the world will be opportune to watch the actors perform.

“MonoRoom will give featured actors a head start in the industry both locally and internationally, because clips from the show will be sent to producers, directors and casting director for a possible engagement of the featured actors on the MonoRoom.”

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