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Fragrance Parley for Perfumers

Fragrance Parley for Perfumers

Sunday Ehigiator writes that the recent fragrance parley held by Seinde’s Signature was for consumers to have better knowledge of fragrances before purchase

With an aim of embedding precise knowledge of fragrance in fragrance-lovers, a.k.a ‘Frag-heads’, popular Perfume Influencer and CEO, Seinde’s Signature, Seinde Olusola, in what he tagged ‘Fragrance Parleying’, threw his fragrance studio open to share experiences and sample his collections in Lagos.

The recently held meeting, saw over 500 fragrances on display as the frag-heads, among whom was also, popular Nigerian Perfumer, and brain behind ‘Contagious’, a Nigerian made designer-fragrance with global impressions, Catherine Omai, seized the opportunity to share ideas and experiences.

Speaking with THISDAY, Olusola noted that the idea of the meeting was for “people that are in this journey of fragrance, and probably have just been blind-buying or buying anything they want but have better knowledge of fragrances before purchasing them.

“This studio is just a way for them to come experience all the fragrances so they can make conscious decision on what to buy or not what to buy.

“It’s unfortunate because the Nigerian environment just buy anything. They buy fake oils; buy Dubai perfume which may even have a reaction on their skin and stuffs like that.

“But the awareness is coming up gradually and everybody is getting to be aware of what is available for them to use and enjoy. All these things are heaven made when you wear the right one in the right way.

“If you don’t, maybe you have something like flies running after you. But trust me, if you start wearing now, you would never want to stop.”

Speaking on meeting with the Frag-heads, Olusola said, learning is a continuous thing.

“You can’t stop learning. So if you meet anybody and you’re able to get one or two things from them and you can discuss intelligently with them, these are obviously people that know about perfume. So, I’m going away with what I’m going to be looking for after they leave.”

Also speaking on her experience at the event, Omai said, “for someone that has been in this industry for 10 years in Nigeria, it is very refreshing to be able to meet with like-minds, go through fragrances and have conversations that elevate the spirit of my being.

“You know how you get stimulated by conversations; the experience here at Mr. Seinde’s experience center has really done that for me. It has given me passion. It has given me a reason to feel connected.

“I’ve had great connection with the people that I’ve met here on a level that is just wowing to me and I can only thank Mr. Seinde for opening his experience center to us to have this kind of liberating, exciting and exhilarating experience.

“It’s amazing to connect with the right people in the industry. It’s really refreshing for me and he has given me a new perspective about fragrances in general.”

Relating his experience, Popular Perfume Dealer, and C.E.O, Frag Head Lagos, Dumzo Ajufo, described Seinde as not just a mentor but a force to reckon in the fragrance industry.

“Seinde’s Signature is not just a client; he’s also a friend and mentor in this business. He’s been into it for over 40 years. Coming here is like; ‘I’m a kid in the candy store right now.’ The excitement is so real.”

For Akinbayo Akinboungbe, who is a lawyer, fragrance lover and collector, he was left astonished with all he had experienced.

“I don’t even know where to start from. What I saw here is not just mind blowing but it depicts a connection between man and perfumery. There is a connection and if you look at Mr. Seinde for example, I mean I am meeting him in person for the first time and he’s a wonderful personality.

“Smelling good transcends. It moves to the realm of loving what nature has created which is what fragrances are all about really. It is part of your human existence which we should all enjoy.

“My experience here, is been fantastic, it is wonderful. I would definitely want to come back here, over and over again. I have had the opportunity to meet one or two of the best in the business.

“I’ve met Frag Head in Lagos, I’ve met Katherine, I mean some people who know about fragrances and when you interact with people like that, it gives you so much joy other than people who just say oh, just give me anything.”

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