Brizy: Focus is an Important Factor of Success

Lazarus Emmanuel Chibugo

Lazarus Emmanuel Chibugo, better known as Brizy, one of the funny characters of the Xploit Comedy group, has empasized the importance of being focused as part of the recipe for success, with reference to his and the group’s phenomenal rise to fame.

“In every business, starting up is the hardest, but when you’re focused you will always achieve what your mind is set to achieve. The only way I could achieved what I have achieved today is by not giving up, because there were times when things were so difficult I almost gave up.” Britt shared.

Brizy also emphasized the importance of having role models, “My role models are Zach King and Eddie Murphy. In so many ways they have helped me formed all that you see of me today.”

The Xploit Comedy group is currently riding on the wave of social media success, that has spread the fame of the comedy quartet – Brizy, Chizzy, Lankz, and Lenzi – around the world through their viral videos on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Chibugo a.k.a. Brizy who avowed that he has set his eyes on reaching the peak of his career, declared the group will “keep making good videos and planning on hitting the big screen.” To budding stars who now look up to him and his comedic group for inspiration, he offered a nugget of advice, “Just don’t give up – keep pushing, one day e go enter.”