Wale Babalakin Gets Groove Back at 60

Wale Babalakin

High Life with KAYODE ALFRED

In the old days, newborns were turned upside down and almost inside out, a process that was necessary for the foretelling of their future. It is possible that this was done to Dr. Wale Babalakin, which was why he was named “Olawale”—which loosely translates to “wealth has descended on our home”. Considering that his family was already illustrious, this is saying much. Now, at 60 years of age, we see what they saw, and celebrate what they celebrated.

Babalakin is undoubtedly one of the most accomplished Nigerians in recent times. In business, the court of law and philanthropy, Babalakin has shown himself to have truly descended from one of the richest and distinguished families of Osun State, the house of Justice Bolarinwa Oyegoke Babalakin (retired Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria) and the late Mrs. Ramotu Ibironke Babalakin (the UK-trained nurse who was known as “Iya Alanu”—Merciful Mother). Apparently, Babalakin acquired the best parts of his parents – on one side a devoted man of law, and on the other, an almoner.

He has lived on both sides of acclaim. There were times when he was buoyed by the waves of a good life. These were the times of close friendship with presidents, in handling federal contracts, building bridges and airports, and building a corporate empire and name with seeming effortlessness.

Then there were times when Babalakin was caught in the nets. These were periods when the same court whose mandates he continues to champion censured him on a number of occasions. From one issue to another and also failing to complete state and federal-level contracts, Babalakin has been on both sides of the bench.

After years of undulating on the waves, things have finally settled for him. Having come out on top, what is not to be grateful for? The lessons accumulated from his exciting life are enough to pass on as a potent legacy. At only 60, his life is already a book with more chapters than that of many lineages.

For the 60-year-old Babalakin, the darkness is already past, and light has begun to shine again.