7-Star Global Adopts Safety Measures


With a target of 500 sewing machines, 500 tailors, new aircraft maintenance facility, 7-Stars Global Hangar said it has already built up production capacity for 700,000 facemasks per week. Although, 7-Stars Hangar has been into upholstery production for aircraft seats and aircraft seat covers, the company diversified into the production of facemasks and hand sanitisers to its business, following the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic early this year.

Chief Executive Officer of 7-Stars Global Hangar, Chief Isaac Balami, who disclosed this, said already, over 700 tailors have applied for the job and that the management was recruiting them through an interview process for selection. After the interview process, Balami who is also an aircraft engineer, said 7-Stars Hangar was looking at how they can take in 1,000 tailors for a 24-hour shift and give them jobs, aside personnel that are doing branding, packaging, logistics and everything.

As a company involved in aircraft maintenance, Balami disclosed that with their upholstery department for aircraft seat and aircraft seat covers, most of these machines were already on ground before now.

According to him, 7-Stars Hangar was at the verge of sealing a business deal in terms of aircraft seats with Arik Air when the pandemic broke out.