Madagascar Drug Gift an Embarrassment to Nigeria, PSN Insists

  •  Hails CBN’s initiative to fund local research

President of Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN), Mr. Sam Ohuabunwa, Thursday restated the position of the association, describing as insulting the COVID-Organics donated to Nigeria by the government of Madagascar.

He said the PSN was not against Nigeria accepting the gift, adding that there are certain gift a country like Nigeria must not accept given its size and knowhow in herbal medicine.

Ohuabunwa stated this when he appeared on the Morning Show, a breakfast programme on ARISE NEWS channel, the broadcast arm of THISDAY Newspapers.

He said: “Nigeria is big and endowed enough with sufficient manpower and I believe expertise to produce something as good as or better than what we are getting from Madagascar.

“Our cry is not just because money will be spent, we are trying to draw attention to our lethargy, philosophy more or less in Nigeria that seems to make us always dependent, always looking for a solution from outside without challenging ourselves, without properly putting ourselves to strong efforts to solve our own problems.

“We are looking for people to solve our electricity problem, solve our water problem, solve our infrastructure problem and even in the area of sophisticated medication we get all from outside. My worry is when it will be Nigeria’s turn to begin to give something to the world outside liquid petroleum, which nobody is willing to buy now.

“I am not saying they shouldn’t take COVID-Organics from Madagascar if it is offered free of charge, the important thing is that there are certain gifts that shouldn’t be actually given to you, there are certain gifts carrying with it insult, there are certain gifts people give to you that is insulting. So, we think that this gift is one of them that look like some insult because a country our size should not be one to be receiving help in herbal medicine. We should be able to help other people, given that we have more and we have a better opportunity.”

Ohuabunwa hailed the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on the initiative to fund research locally, adding that the current leadership of the central bank will go down in history as the most proactive.

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