1st Anniversary: Oba Saheed Elegushi Serenades Second Wife, Hadiza

Hadiza Elegushi

The Sciences tell us that Earth will grow weary and short of people, of cities and thrones and powers. But, because the mountains will remain and the rivers that run around them will endure, love will never be in want. Oba Elegushi and his wife are tuned in to this truth, and waste no time in celebrating it and themselves.

Monday the 3rd of May, 2020 marked the one-year anniversary for the monarch of Ikate Kingdom, Oba Saheed Elegushi, and his second wife, the glowing Olori Hadiza Yakasai Elegushi. If these were the old days, there would have been parades and pageants and every colourful thing. But, ever adherents of modern-day trends, both the Elegushi and his Olori took to social media to express themselves.

Olori Hadiza was the first to break the dam of emotions. She stated that their year(s) together doth read like ages, and that that was because in their love they have lived many lives. That last bit was the Olori quoting Abraham Lincoln – evidence that when Oba Elegushi won her love, he won a Kingdom to himself.

Oba Saheed Elegushi responded in the same fashion of affection. He wondered aloud how a year had gone so fleetingly by, and touched that flame with the gist that Olori Hadiza had added colour to his world. That last bit comes from possibly the most stylish and colourful traditional heads in the country – a big, big compliment to Olori Hadiza.

The royal wedding anniversary was not really the loud and town-colouring event it would have been in other instances. Olori Hadiza mentioned this herself, making references to the ongoing Holy Month of Ramadan (fasting) and caution against the spread and operation of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Recall that Olori Hadiza is the second wife of Oba Saheed Elegushi, after Olori Sekina. She is the evergreen stem that was plugged from the tree of Alhaji Tanko Yakkasais of Kano. She is the Olori who took her time before she was grafted into the Ikate royal household to serve the Oba and his people as Queen.

While it is only a year, both Oba Saheed Elegushi and Olori Hadiza are a study in love and affection – the kind that the coming years will only serve to deepen and sweeten.