The Return of Jimoh Ibrahim

Jimoh Ibrahim

Jimoh Ibrahim

There’s no gainsaying the observation that the Covid-19 pandemic is rending many economies and social spaces in a variation of colours, from harsh hues of starvation and death on one end, to sharp shades of appreciation and fortuity on another. Jimoh Ibrahim, with his gesture of goodwill and charity, just got himself invited onto the right end of the pandemic’s spectrum of consequence.

One of the most recently encouraging news bit from the Sunshine State, Ondo, was the #40 million donation to the government from the coffers of none other than former gubernatorial candidate, Jimoh Ibrahim. This was Mr. Ibrahim’s contribution to combating the deadly virus in Ondo State, and that singular gesture catapulted him from the cocoon of private life he had swerved into, to new heights of popularity and acclaim.

he business boss personally presented the cheque to Governor Rotimi Akeredo­lu, and suggested that the money be included in the government’s enviable efforts to provide and assist private health facilities in managing the virus and the scars of its outgrowth.

In response, Governor Akeredolu greatly appreciated the symbol of goodwill, assured Mr. Ibrahim of spending every penny judiciously, and explained that isolation centres had already been established in the three senatorial districts of the state, and his contribution will go a long way towards getting big private hospitals at the local governments involved.

Recall that this is the same Jimoh Ibrahim who danced away from the high roads after repeated allegations and accusations in his business and enterprising. It was the very same Jimoh Ibrahim who attempted the governorship seat in 2003, and failed to attain it. But all these did not damper his spirit, as his ventures continued to grow and enjoy the veils of controversy.

This very same Jimoh Ibrahim has now bounced back, with goodwill on the left and his vast mintage on the right, gone are the days of keeping a low profile.

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