How BUA Boss Abdul Samad Rabiu is Leading Fight Against COVID-19

Abdul Samad Rabiu

It’s not just about the megabucks. The billionaire businessman and founder of BUA Group, Abdul Samad Rabiu, is always one step ahead in life and enterprise. As a visionary industrialist, he’s driven as much by creating more wealth and helping humanity to become better; not essentially by publicity-driven philanthropy but by an innate desire to save the world.

To illustrate, Abdul Samad Rabiu was the first Nigerian moneybag to make a voluntary and humongous donation to the government to stop the scourge of the coronavirus pandemic as it berthed in Nigeria. Without mincing words, in that case, and many others, the industrialist set the pace.

A leading voice in commerce with a conscience, the business magnate has again gone a step further to make a public service advert to keep his millions of compatriots safe as COVID-19 ravages the world and threatens humanity. Of all values Rabiu hold sacred, the value for human life comes first.

The BUA boss, since the first case of COVID-19 in Africa, has committed over N3 billion in cash, food items, medical supplies and infrastructure to various initiatives in this fight.

His conglomerate, the BUA Group, which he personifies, has become the rallying point for corporate Nigeria.
In a recent video advert, first of its kind by many standards among Nigeria’s teeming billionaires, Rabiu said, “Africa is recording an increasing number of COVID-19 cases daily and we cannot afford to enable the spread.”
In the video, he admitted: “If there is one thing we have learnt about this virus it is that it does not respect race, gender, age, religion, ethnicity, or status.”

Not one to give up in a fight that involves saving humanity, the BUA boss urged Nigerians to stand together to defeat the virus, saying: “But one thing is certain: we can break the cycle if we all come together and fight it. No one person can do it alone. And now more than ever we need each other to come together and fight this virus.

“Stay home. Wash your hands regularly. Report any suspected cases immediately. Follow instructions of the health authorities and of course always observe social distancing.
“Together, we can win this fight. Please stay home and stay safe. My name is Abdul Samad Rabiu and I am committed to this fight. Are you?”