Polaris Bank Hails Health Workers


Polaris Bank has paid tribute to health workers in Nigeria and across the world even as the world commemorates the 2020 World Health Day.

This year’s event came on the heels of the breakout of the coronavirus pandemic that is currently ravaging the world with its attendant effect on the health and wellbeing of the citizens across the world.

The World Health Day which is celebrated on 7th of April every year has as its theme for 2020, ‘Galvanising Support for Nurses and Midwives,’ as well, as recognising the vital role these health workers play in fostering global health and wellness.

World Health Day is set aside to honor the contribution of nurses and midwives, recognizing their vital role in keeping the world healthy. Health workers are at the frontlines of the COVID-19 response, putting their health at risk to protect the global community.

“Since nurses and midwives comprise more than two-thirds of the health workforce according to the WHO, they are critical in responding to health needs for all settings and across the lifespan, and as such, the World Health Day presents an opportunity to highlight the importance of nurses and midwives around the world,” a statement explained.

Speaking on the impact of the role of health workers to global health and wellness, the Managing Director/CEO of Polaris Bank, Mr. Tokunbo Abiru, noted that, “The efforts and contributions of nurses, midwives and other health workers who are out there working tirelessly to contain the spread of the coronavirus cannot be over-emphasised as they have significantly reduced mortality rate and saved many lives in the process.”

Abiru explained further that: “Since the world health day promotes healthy living through a healthy lifestyle and hygienic living, which are the most efficient ways to control the risk of several diseases including COVID-19, serious commitment on the part of the individual is required to flatten the curve of the pandemic.”

He further noted that Polaris Bank remains committed to the safety of staff and customers and has ensured strict adherence to government’s directives concerning social distancing and good hygiene in all our its business locations across the country.