On Coronavirus, Nigeria’s Doing Well!

Minister of state for Health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire

Nigeria may be a failure in many areas of leadership and governance, however, since the outbreak of coronavirus, not only has the country shown leadership and capacity, her level of preparedness for the dreaded virus deserves sincere applause.

This statement of fact has since been attested to by a majority of the people, who had traveled in and out of the country since the virus became a global threat and had been able to compare the approach embraced by the Nigerian government to those of many other countries they had visited.

This is why, in spite of the deserving misgivings about the government of Nigeria and her leadership, this is one honour that should not be denied it. But, again, government cannot afford to be carried away by the pool of commendations and fumble midway.

It must continue to improve on all the initiatives embraced in containing the spread of the virus and ultimately work with other countries with a view to stamping it out of existence. So, to Nigeria, you’re doing well. Fantabulous!