Toluwanimi Honoured for Child Rights Advocacy


…Becomes ‘Save our Generation’ project ambassador

Child rights advocate and little Miss Nigeria International, Queen Toluwanimi Omole, has received numerous awards in Nigerian and internationally for her advocacy project of child rights.

The nine years old Miss Toluwanimi has used many platforms to speak out in defence and safety of Nigerian children and the actualisation of the child rights act in all 36 states of Nigeria.

This has won her the admiration of thousands of people who follow her on social media, which was capped by the recent award given to her by Denice Media Productions Limited (DMPL) in recognition for her relentless efforts and outspokenness on issues pertaining to child rights. She was also named child ambassador for the ‘Save our Generation’ project by DMPL.

Presenting the award of the recognition to the little queen, the Chairman of ‘Save our Generation’, Mr. Ogali Victor, said: “We are proud of you and of your firm resolve to speak out against actions militating against the full actualisation of the child rights in Nigeria.

“We have keenly observed you in the past months through your weekly programme-Child rights corner with Queen Tolu-on social media platforms as well as on YouTube, where you educated the public on the dangers of child abuse and molestation, and calling on the society to embrace actions that will curb the menace.

“There is no doubt whatsoever that you deserve this honour, and we advise you not to relent in your efforts.”

Receiving the award, Miss Toluwanimi thanked the organisation, and reassured them of her continued resolve to hit on the issues of child abuse.

According to her, “Please allow me to express my warm gratitude to Denice Media Productions Limited, the organisers of ‘Save Our Generation Project’ for the award presentation and for giving me the opportunity to speak on behalf of Nigerian children. I am happy to partner you as I believe my vision for Nigerian children aligns with the purpose of the ‘Save Our Generation Initiative’. To this end, I dedicate this award to every Nigerian child, especially the less-privileged children, who are deprived of their rights.

‘’The average Nigerian child on a daily basis faces all manner of social ills and vices like genital mutilation, child trafficking, street hawking and child marriage with attendant problems related to early child birth, sexual abuse and exploitation which expose children to reproductive and sexual infections, including HIV/AIDS. It is assumed that poverty is the single most common factor behind child abuse, although the religious and socio-cultural values and unequal gender relations are also important determinants.”