Farida Waziri’s Scary Story

Farida Waziri

I have been reading snippets of the memoirs of this lady. She was the EFCC Chairman at some point and I believe was kicked out by President Goodluck Jonathan under some hazy circumstances. They are still pushing themselves years after on the issue. Me, I did not know she was anything before the EFCC gambit until her memoirs came out. You see the snippets that I have read have been scaring me o.

Come and see her narration of the phantom coup as it affected Obasanjo, Yar‘ Adua and the rest. The players, the victims, the processes and sheer wickedness can only just make you not only weep for this country but really fear. These people were just so wicked, totally devoid of any form of humanity and were probably driven by occultic influences or how else can you explain that level of depravity to fellow human beings just because they were ‘thinking’ of doing a coup? As I read, I found myself unwittingly being drawn into the scene. I saw myself in the position of General Obasanjo and Yar’Adua as they faced a panel of ‘weak’ personalities who had a mandate to deliver certain judgment no matter the situation.

Even madam who is now fancying herself a proposed Noble prize for literature winner and by her own reported admission still stayed on the panel and was part of the conviction and accidental death of people that she herself has now admitted were innocent but kept quiet then. She not only kept quiet but kept quiet all of these years and is only finding it auspicious to talk now when we have all achieved closure from that sordid past. You see this is why we are beginning to push for robust followership as against leadership.

Leadership has failed us hence the need for followership to be much more forthright in its insistence of quality leadership as against this kind of mumu followership where you are made to commit crimes against humanity and now be coming to write book 100 years after. Madam, thumbs down for you and the rest like you even as I pray for the continued repose for the life of General Yar’Adua and all Nigerians that  lost their lives as a result of this kind thing. Mbok, keep your book if I see it, I will use it to sell groundnut for on top bridge. Thank you.