De Pulch Records Directors Speak on Vision


Francis Diemirie and Miracle Denila are directors of De Pulch Records, a fast rising music label which parades talented artiste, Scope. The duo, who started out as close friends before venturing into music business, speak on their passion: “We actually got to know ourselves since high school before we became business and entrepreneurial friends. We have always had the thoughts of owning a record label, and we decided to make a push and now we have De Pulch.

“In addition, we have always been music lovers and we believe is the inspiration towards our decision to own a record label. We are keen in supporting good music and taking the Afro pop globally by giving young talented artistes the opportunity.”

Speaking on their only signee at the moment, Scope, the label bosses maintained that they are ready to put in their best to make sure the artiste excels in all his endeavors.

“We have one artiste at the moment, ‘Scope’ and he has so far dropped good songs. At the moment we have one titled ‘Zombie’. You can watch out for the video dropping soon. We are eager to give Scope our best to make sure he makes an impact in the global music industry. Before signing an artiste, we look out for talent, charisma and whether he has passion for music, as well as dedication. Also in relationship with our artiste, we believe in teamwork and respect. We all have our individual roles and obligations.”

They strongly believe, De Pulch would be internationally recognised soon. And they intend to build up the label and bring out the best out of their artistes and make an impact in the entertainment world.