Jamil Mohammed Abubakar Expands his will towards Humanitarian and Philanthropic Services


Jamil Abubakar is also known as Capt. Jamyl is an aircraft pilot with over a decade of experience to his name. He is better known for his aviation mentorship program and an NGO that caters for the health, education, and alleviation of the less privileged in communities all around northern Nigeria.

Despite a demanding career, his passion for humanitarian and philanthropic works has led to the establishment of two organizations that mentor, alleviate, and cater for the less privileged.
He is the President of JMD FOUNDATION, a non-profit organization that was established in 2012, has about 35 active members and has since done projects spanning Community Development, Women Empowerment, Student Alleviation, Mentorship, Feeding, and Health.

Also the founder of an aviation mentorship program, through which he guides, coaches anyone with an interest in piloting as a career. He first announced this program in August 2019 via his social media platform and it has since received traction of over 42,000 engagements.
Asked about community challenges he seeks to reform he said; “Energy, without it progress and infrastructural developments are limited. Energy will shape a whole lot.”

Apart from being an aviation guru and a philanthropist he is also a fitness enthusiast who enjoys leisure activities like soccer, snooker, board games, and playing the piano. He has an interest in real estate and investment platforms.
When asked about the speculations of a political ambition due to his humanitarian works which were noticeably impactful during the COVID pandemic, as palliatives were distributed in over 4 states within various grass-root communities.
“Giving back to the community doesn’t necessarily have to be political. Leadership should start from your private capacity and then grow into public service.”

The JMD FOUNDATION is working towards expanding its capacity into other parts of Nigeria and ultimately other African countries while the aviation mentorship program seeks to take in more mentees, home and aboard who will be groomed, mentored and given access to the right networks.