NRFF Sets up Committee to Revisit Ntiense’s Removal


The board of the Nigeria Rugby Football Federation (NRFF) has announced the setting up of a committee to look into the removal of the former Technical Director of the federation, Ntiense Williams.

Rising from their board meeting held in Lagos on Saturday, the board said their decision was a mark of respect for the Ministry of Sports who recently intervened as a supervisory body. The findings and final position of the committee will be sent to the ministry.
Addressing journalists after the meeting, the NRFF President, Kelechi Mbagwu said that the sack of its former Technical Director followed due process as he was disengaged in line with global standard.
Mbagwu said the decision to relieve him of his post was because his activities were no longer in consonance with the terms and references of his appointment and the overall goal of the federation.

“In Nigeria as well as international trade law, if you employ somebody, you can sack him. There is no law that forces an employee on an employer or vice versa. The gentleman we are talking about was an appointee of the board.”
Reiterating their stand, Mbagwu said, “The Honorable Minister, Sunday Dare and top officials of the Ministry are now properly briefed about issues surrounding the appointment and sack of Ntiense Williams which were all in consonance with due process.
” As sign of respect for the minister, the board as set up a committee to revisit issues surrounding his removal.
” The recommendations of the committee will be look into by the board. Is the board that appointed him and the decision to either reinstate him or other wise, will taking by the board, ” he said.