The Rebirth of Saraki’s Ile Arugbo


Kwara State Governor, Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq, in the week, made real his threat to not only seize a property belonging to the late Dr. Olusola Saraki, father of former Senate President, Bukola Saraki, he went a step further to demolish the structure otherwise described as “ile Arugbo” (Old People’s Home) in the dead of the night.

The governor and his government, amongst other things, alleged that the property, which was duly allocated to the late politician in his days, was not paid for and so, he allegedly revoked it in public interest.

Unfortunately, he chose to start the New Year on a controversial note, by not only ignoring the voices of reason, but also trampling on the aged, who protested against his defeatist decision, when they kept vigil at the Ile Arugbo. It is also an indication that a rather clueless and malevolent fellow is in power.

Interestingly and contrary to beliefs that the demolition of ile Arugbo might have ended the initiative by the late Saraki, it has only marked the rebirth of an idea that would outlive many generations of the Saraki family, because it is etched in the heart and not identifiable only with the demolished structure.

To think that the Sarakis are not the only well-to-do family in the state and that in spite of their deep involvement in politics, the Ile Arugbo idea was conceived by the late patriarch of the family, as a private person; what did they do with their own wealth in advancing the cause of their people prior to coming into office?

It is also why their hatred for the Sarakis has no basis except for sheer envy and complex. However anyone sees this, Abdulrasaq has through his vindictive politics designed the route to the denouement of his political career.