COPE Advocates for CCC to Reduce Cancer Mortality


Ayodeji Ake

A nongovernmental organisation, Care Organisation Public Enlightenment (COPE) has advocated for Comprehensive Cancer Centres (CCC) in Nigeria to provide quality healthcare services to cancer patients.

Speaking at the Annual Love Feast, held in Lagos recently, the President, COPE, Mrs. Ebunola Anozie noted that the CCC will provide enough oncologists that will give maximum healthcare support to cancer patients.

Ebun, however, appealed to the media for more awareness on cancer to compliment the efforts of cancer organisations like COPE.

She said: “We need a CCC in Nigeria. They have it abroad and it should be where cancer patients get swift treatment and attention to ensure as oncologists will be trained to provide services. Nigeria is not a poor country and I know we can afford it.

“Breast cancer examination is also very important. Lying down on your bed and using your hand to observe your breast can reveal whether or not you are feeling lumps.”

Ebun said the gathering brings together breast cancer survivors to celebrate God for the year’s activities, most especially in 2019, because COPE did not record any mortality.

One of the survivors, Miss Akpan Trinita, commended COPE for its devotion in ensuring reduction of breast cancer mortality in the country.

“I’m excited because we don’t have cause to mourn anyone this year. We are celebrating survivor’s anniversary and we are here happy,” she said.