Organisation Partners Blaugrana Group on Youth Development

Nta Ekpiken, Senior Associate, Aluko and Oyebode and Leslie Oghomienor, Chairman, Blaugrana Group International during the signing of the MoU recently in Lagos

Mary Nnah

Leslie Oghomienor, chairman of Blaugrana Group International, promoters of Barca Academy Group Nigeria and founders of the newly formed FC Bulmaro, the off shoot of the best from the Barca Academy’s Elite 96 scholarship beneficiaries, has set things in motion to align with global practice and trends.

To achieve this, they recently partnered ALUKO and Oyebode, a well-known and reputable legal firm to help facilitate legal documentation and other necessary things of importance that would pull speedily and smoothly the wheels that drive the platforms conceived by the Blaugrana Group International.

During the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) at Blaugrana Group International Corporate office in Lagos, recently, Miss Nta Ekpiken, a senior Associate, who stood in for the legal firm was very impressed with the group’s professional and technical compliance in humbly subjecting itself to committedly see the full engagement of the adoption of global standard processes, and procedures and complete adherence to operational, ethics, morals, values and in essence keep a healthy par with global norms, procedures and values.

“The group’s attitude in this manner is a genuine role playing which should be emulated by other bodies who are involved in the sporting industry and wish to go far. We are very proud to be associated with an entity employing excellence and professionalism guided by certified knowledge, sound and time tested skills and a rich robust attitude to stand shoulder to shoulder of the giants of healthy competition”, Ekpiken said.

However, she further stated that this approach taken by the group is a bold step in changing the familiar norms, letting the key players in the sector know that the best can be achieved by doing things on time and in the best way spelt out by the bodies responsible for the rules and regulations of the industry worldwide.

In his reaction Oghemienor said, “To us it is better, more rewarding, time saving and less stress to do things in within the ambit of the laws.”

He added that in the present day Nigeria, not playing by the rules is an indirect way of courting trouble with government agencies and regulatory bodies. He prayed that this outing with the legal firm would be of tremendous worth for the sporting world and the partnering parties.