‘Tech Startups Key to Nigeria’s Economic Growth’

John Obaro

By Emma Okonji

The Managing Director, SystemSpecs, John Obaro has said that the future of Nigeria lies with technology startups, especially with small and medium scale businesses.

Obaro, therefore called for full support from government and the private sector for small businesses that are tech savvy, noting that it will create growth opportunities for the economy.

He made this known at the Founders Institute Velocity Conference held recently in Lagos.

According to Obaro, “The future of this country lies with small businesses that are innovative with strong passion for technology. It is what we are able to do with the small businesses that will create growth opportunities for the economy. Many people can’t fit into the large organisation of government structures but can operate as smaller units and that is where the importance of small businesses lies.”

He added, “I believe that with the right level of support, they will be able to go farI was invited to come and share experience with a new generation of start-ups. We have been around for about 27 years and it was a great time to brainstorm with the younger generation, who are the next phase of growth for the industry.”

Obaro, therefore urged the federal government to provide security and infrastructural amenities, leaving the rest for entrepreneurs to provide.

“Government should focus on only what government can provide and we will sort out the rest ourselves. Government should provide things like security, infrastructure such as road, rail and broadband, and if that is achieved, many of the other things will be done by the entrepreneurs, which of course will not prevent government from from spending and developing other sectors of the economy,” Obaro said.

As a tech-startup, SystemSpecs, which is a wholly Nigerian company, developed Remita, an accounting and payroll system that is currently driving the country’s Treasury Single Account (TSA) that has save the Nigerian economy of financial corruption in the public sector.