VIVA Cinemas Set to Debut in Lagos 


By Tosin Cleggy

Going to the cinema to watch a movie could be a personal delight, especially if you are looking to wind down after a hectic day, wait out the traffic, or just need to relax and enjoy a viewing experience specifically different than that of your daily home entertainment.

 To this end, VIVA Cinemas is offering an unforgettable cinema experience that everyone can enjoy. Operating in five major Nigerian cities and situated within world-class shopping malls at each location, Ilorin, Ibadan, Ota, Enugu and Lagos – VIVA understands the thrill and excitement that a vibrant blend of retail, leisure and entertainment provides.

Having a total of 20 screens and 3,000 seating capacity across its five locations, VIVA currently holds between 17-25per cent market share of screens occupancy across Nigeria.  With great expansion plans over the next few years to several cities in Nigeria and across West Africa, it’s betting on itself to achieve even greater success.

 VIVA offers an amazing mix of experiences designed to treat viewers to great moments each time and every time, as movie goers can indulge in an immersive cinema experience choosing from a wide variety of Nollywood, Hollywood and Bollywood blockbuster titles.

Since 2015, VIVA Cinemas is the first and only exhibitor in Nigeria to utilise the 4K cinema projectors, which offer the only 4K projection solution that delights audiences to incredible picture and sound clarity in 2D and silky smooth, lifelike 3D images.

 4K resolution is an incredible improvement over standard high definition. For a 16:9 ratio, 4K contains almost four times the pixels of HD. This means a clearer more detailed image. The higher pixel count also allows for closer viewing by the audience without loss in quality of the content on the screen.

 Speaking about the VIVA 4k technology, VIVA CEO Heri Ntimizi said: “On a bigger screen, the 4K image is simply better, so much so that some people who’ve witnessed a long-distance shot rendered in 4K have mistaken it for glasses-free 3D! The larger the screen, the more 4K is required due to the inevitable pixel enlargement. At VIVA Cinemas, we like to ensure definition is maintained and at a minimal viewing cost.”

 In addition to blockbuster releases, across all its locations, VIVA Cinemas services include corporate and private group bookings, tailored advertising and experiential events in collaboration with partner brands, alternative content such as theatre, the performing arts, comedy shows and other live events with Coca Cola as their leading partner.

The VIVA brand’s ethos are innovation in technology, excellent service and an optimal customer experience; the blend of retail and entertainment as the brand is deliberately located within shopping centres in each of its locations; as well as an extensive customer, community and stakeholder engagement.