Truth will Prevail over Deceit, Says Abe

Truth will Prevail over Deceit, Says Abe

Mourns Tam David-West

The immediate-past represen-tative of Rivers South-East Senatorial District at the National Assembly, Senator Magnus Ngei Abe, has declared that truth will always prevail over lies and deceit no matter the manner in which it is presented.

Abe has also condoled the people of Rivers State over the death of Professor Tam David-West.

Abe made the declaration over the weekend during the presentation of an award of Excellence, Non-Violence, Human Capacity Development and Apostle of Internal Democracy in Nigeria to him by All Indian Universities Alumni Association at the Indian High Commission in Lagos, Nigeria.

The occasion, which was held to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of Mahatma Ghandi, likened Ghandi’s principle of non-violence to the Nigerian experience.

Abe described the occasion as a fitting tribute to the late environmentalist and human rights activist, Kenule Saro-Wiwa, who imbibed and practiced Ghandi’s principle of non-violence as it coincided with the 24th Anniversary of the death of the Ogoni Leaders.

Abe said: “We were honoured by the All Indian Universities Alumni Association for our commitment to the principles of non-violence in politics.

“It was quite humbling to see that the world took notice of our determined commitment to non-violence.

“We have clung to nothing but the truth and refused to employ violence through what has been the most turbulent period in the Political History of Rivers State, a violent circle of elections and reruns, inspite of coordinated acts of violence and murder targeted at us and our supporters.

“Again in the internal crisis within the APC Rivers State, despite several acts of sponsored violence against us, we fought our battles without arming youths or sponsoring any act of violence against anyone friend or foe.

“Ghandi got it right, Martin Luther king got it right, Ken Saro Wiwa got it right. The truth will always triumph over better-armed lies and deceit. We are getting it right. And we will win.”

Meanwhile, Senator Abe has condoled the people of Rivers State over the death of Professor Tam David-West.

Abe, in a statement signed by his spokesperson, Parry Saroh Benson, described the death as a great loss to the people of Rivers State and Nigeria.

“Indeed we shall all miss him. His voice always loud in defense of truth and justice is now forever still. We pray that the good Lord will give his family the strength to bear the loss and grant him eternal rest”.

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