Exposing Army’s Extra-judicial Killers!


A graphical video of some men believed to be Nigerian soldiers, who extra-judicially killed an alleged Boko Haram member trended last week, giving the soldiers away as not too different from the terrorist group they seek to decimate.

In the video was a man, whose hands and legs were tied, pulled down from the back of a pick-up like an animal and dragged on the ground to a shallow grave, where he was shot multiple times and covered up. Just like that? What even says he was a Boko Haram member? Who confirmed that fact?

That was barbaric and atypical of any professionally trained military officer, who understands the rules of engagement in every battle. It was bad enough that they had no clue this was a typical case of extra-judicial killing as they went ahead to make a video of such impunity and released it to the world.

In what ways were they different from the sect members, who often played on the psychology of the people with a view to instilling fears in their victims by publicly executing them in videos that would be released to the world?

It is however heartwarming that the army had promised to investigate the development and bring the erring soldiers to book. This is a nation of rule of law and every example to further communicate this must be set. The soldiers involved in this killing must be fished out and made to face the consequences of their choice. Period!