Bella Disu, Completes A Multi-million Naira High-rise, Named Sisi Paris


Nobody forgets Sisi Paris apartments in a hurry. Behind the gates of the impressive manor, luxury saunters in a colourful garb. The interior depicts Bella’s dreams of bliss; you could be forgiven for mistaking it for the fabled Atlantis. The panes of quaint decor, embroidered fabric and devices, ornaments the insides like the damasked wings of the pyralid.

Amid its enchanting premises, you could get lost, especially if you are a first time visitor. Recurrent callers at the apartments have been heard to marvel and keel over in humility, in deference to its lavish treats.

Bella is unusual. She exudes the savvy of the ancients, the type of spunk that spurred medieval Amazons to dare and surpass exploits that were the exclusive preserve of men. Book smart and business savvy! She has evolved from a shy young lady learning the ropes in her father’s company into the shot-caller at the telecommunications company.

Yes, the new sprawling high-rise, Sisi Paris, built by Bella Adenuga-Disu, the beautiful daughter of trillionaire businessman, Dr. Mike Adenuga Jnr, on Bourdillon Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, looks like the footprint of a gigantic hound, the proof of greatness of irrefutable genius. The structure looms majestically under the azure sky. Predictably, the edifice has become the major attraction in the highbrow Ikoyi neighbourhood; construction gurus and laymen troop to the site to study it, marvel and take pictures.

So outstanding in its opulence and sheer beauty that it looks like it had just rolled off a production line or as if beamed there rather than constructed. Unapologetically modern, the exterior spews elegance without recourse to obscenity, and has an interior ornamented with pristine decor. Everywhere is spick-and-span and has the halo of an improvised Eden on earth.

Every house has something of the personality of the owners in it, a hint of the people behind the design; no wonder the centre has the touch of a billionaire with a taste for all things exotic and exquisite. Its beauty has been inspiring gawks and double takes, and odes and appreciation to the executive vice chairman of Globacom, Bella Disu.

One cannot agree any less. No poet or proponent of the high art would visit the apartments and not descend into the chamber of eternal muse.

Sisi Paris is a high rise apartment complex with 18 Units of Luxury Serviced Apartments; 9Nos 3-bedroom apartments with a 2 Room BQ and 9Nos 4-bedroom apartments with a 2 Room BQ. It also has an expansive 3-bedroom penthouse with a 2 Room BQ and was official launched Saturday.

Everybody is in agreement concerning the genius that went into the project from inception hence they continually give kudos to the brain behind the project; Bella’s company called Cobble-Stone Properties & Estates Limited, a Property Development & Marketing Company. They are notable for mind blowing projects and their intention to never cut corners.