Group Introduces STEM Education in Kano School


Ugo Aliogo

As part of efforts to increase the learning of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in Nigeria, STEMi Makers Africa has introduced STEM Education in Gawuna Science and Technology Primary school, Kano State.

According to a statement, one of the objectives of STEMi Makers Africa is to generate a talent base of the next generation of scientists, technovators and STEM professionals who would serve as catalysts and global leaders in Africa’s competitiveness and for the economic improvement of all citizens.

The Strategy Lead for STEMi Makers Africa, Amanda Obidike; said exposing students to STEM and giving them opportunities to explore STEM-related concepts would develop their passion for it and hopefully pursue jobs in STEM-related fields.

She further explained how students and teachers could go from theoretical curriculums to project-based learning.

Obidike, noted that, “Children can see that what they are learning now is relevant to their future and the future of Africa is in creating an interest in STEM often lacking when learning new concepts that do not seem to carry real-world application.”

According to her, “The students were given orientation on the basics of STEM and the power of ideas. They were further introduced to Robotics and the local design construction of Truck machines.

“As an organisation that promotes an inclusive and equitable quality education that steers lifelong learning opportunities for all, the STEMi Makers Africa is taking strong measures to integrate STEM education and reading literacy across Africa.

“The students were also introduced to a Book on the World Solar System to get them interested in Space Science and their local environment.”

The Chairman of the School Based Management Committee for Kano State, Muhd Abdu, Headmaster of Gawuna science and technology primary School, Yusuf Dani Gama and the School Supervisor, Saudst Aliyu expressed delight.