Ex-Bauchi Governor Isa Yuguda Goes Broke

Malam Isa Yuguda

William Shakespeare is neither Nigerian nor a native of Bauchi State, but he had it right when he put the following words into the mouth of Prince Hamlet: we defy augury. There is divine providence in the fall of a sparrow. And so is the lot of former Bauchi Governor, ANPP and PDP turncoat, and now a member of the League of the Bankrupt of Nigeria, Mallam Isa Yuguda. He defied the augury of lasting wealth and affluence and has fallen into debts.

The administration of Mallam Yuguda is not an easy one to pin down. Typical of Nigerian state governments, there were times of profits and advantages, and other times when you would likely sell the Bauchi-born politician to a goat in righteous anger. But you have to find a magnanimous goat first.

Since the completion of his tenure in 2015, Mallam Yuguda has gone through different shades of life, jumping in and out of media attention. Recently, however, it seems his adventures have grounded to a halt. Which is good. But it was forced. Which is not good. According to insider reports, Mallam Yuguda has started to lose more than the strength and vigour of youth. Landed properties are starting to go too.

Having narrowly escaped the traps of the unsympathetic Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), his trappings are starting to escape him. All of these are owing to money, and he is owing a great deal. For example, while he was still in office, he came into possession of a ₦3 billion home in Asokoro – that is a single 3 accompanied by 9 zeros. That prized possession has been swallowed up in debt.

According to sources, the ₦3 billion treasure is now in the custody of a certain Air Commodore Mohammed Umar Gololo. The details of this business between a politician and a naval officer are not very clear yet, samesies with eyes of Mallam Yuguda. Another thing that is not clear is how a debt of ₦400 million grows to devour a home of ₦3 billion. Accounting does not perform with nautical politics.

And that is how Mallam Yuguda came to be on the roll of selling off his properties in Bauchi and Abuja.
Mammon, thou faithless deity! May Mallam Yuguda find peace, and soon.