Bode George

I have never met this respected chief but I follow him alot. You see what some of you do not know is that at some point in my life, Itried to join PDP in Lagos. But I changed my mind after I went to meet Senator Obanikoro and after the engagement, I came out feeling that a molue had just hit me. Mbok, story for another day. Anyways, that is how I have read that chief says that despite what it is he said Osinbajo did to him leading to his getting jailed and saved by the Supreme Court, he will not join hands with those trying to bring the vice president down.

This is maturity at play and I must commend the baba for that. The vice president like I have always said has made a career of walking on two sides of the same street and this has obviously benefitted him abi no be him be Vice President? But in recent times it appears that the chickens seem to have been coming home to roost. But it is for elders like Bode George to play the statesman and work very closely to maintain cohesion in the system.

I believe in the integrity and person of the vice president – do I have a choice with all these threats of law suits flying around and with people apologizing up and down. A man wey dem say threaten anybody wey say ‘Osi…..’before he complete the ‘jo’ na lawsuit, na me he no go finish? I also believe that his troubles are coming from 2023 permutations which tell me that elders like Chief George’s calmness and level-headedness is needed at these times.Thank you so much sir and I am sure the Vice President will soon reach out. Don’t ask me how I know o.