Lions Club to Commence School Feeding


Ayodeji Ake

The Lions Club Otta Zone has revealed plans to commence public and private schools breakfast feeding in Otta, Ogun State, noting that it will promote healthy living of the pupils.

Speaking at the Lions Club Investiture, Fund Raising and Installation of Club President, Otta Zone, the new President, Lion Temilade Amadi noted most kids do not take their breakfast before leaving for school, which is unhealthy.

Amadi further said that although Lions Club has been recognised for its services to humanity, her regime as the 19th president of the Lions Club Otta Zone will include breakfast feeding of the pupils to complement the government’s school feeding program.

“Otta Lions Club over the years have been able to serve humanity by helping the less privilege. We have done a lot in terms helping our immediate community.

“I won’t want to believe that Lions Club is not doing anything in our community. It’s glaring, every community you go to, you will feel the presence of Lions Club. We are not so loud in the sense that we don’t take credit for assisting the community, we do a lot.

“Despite the economic situation, we still have the love to serve humanity in our heart and we make it a point of duty to help as much as we can.

“For me, what’s really after my heart is the feeding of the school pupil. I found out that the children hardly eat before going to school. Like my children for example wants to rush to the school bus and do not want to take breakfast.

“So we have decided to take the food them right inside their classroom. So they will be feelings our impact in Otta environment.

“We know the government is already feeding the school pupils but ours will be breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day. For now, we will be doing the public and private primary schools.”

She urged all members of Lions Club to be steadfast in their services to humanity. “My advice to the Lions Club members is that they should keep serving because the more we serve , the more we are impactful” she added.