NILDS Workers Lament Unfair Treatment


Adedayo Akinwale ín Abuja

The staff members of National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies (NILDS) yesterday lamented that they had been working for years without being promoted and undergoing any training like their counterparts in other agencies.

Against this background, they inaugurated a chapter of Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria (PASAN), which they said, became imperative to constructively purse diverse issues of interests to all members of the chapter.

A member of PASAN Steering Committee, Dr. Charles Alfred expressed the concern at the inauguration of the association yesterday in Abuja, saying with the chapter, they have seen the promised land, but had not got to the promised land.

Alfred, a research fellow from the Department of Democratic Studies, also

added that there was no administration without injustice, hence, the reason the association was berthed for checks and balances.

Alfred stated everybody “is aware that we have issue of promotion and training. We have issue of annual leave. We are the only workers in the whole world that don’t go on leave.

“We do not have scheme of service. We do not know when you will be promoted. You will be employed as contract staff. What is the criteria to become a permanent staff?

“We equally have issue of unequal allowances, poor working space. We also have the issue of slavery working hours, some 8a.m to 5pm or 8p.m without allowances.

“We have the issue of director collecting impress without impressing us. Directors collecting N500, 000 or more without having water to drink,” he lamented.

With the Union now in place, he said the rights of every staff would be fought for, urging the members “not to entertain fear. The Union has come to stay to fight for the rights of the NILDs Workers.”

Other members who spoke also urged the Union executive not to expect a smooth ride as there are serious battle to fight as they fight for their rights and a better scheme of service.