Govt College Ughelli to Organise 2019 Relays


Ugo Aliogo

Government College Ughelli (GCU) is set to organise the second edition of the GCU Relays in Ughelli, Delta State on November, 16. The relays is an initiative of GCU Old Boys Association.

Speaking at the event to announce this year’s edition, the President General, GCU Worldwide, Charles Majoroh, said the idea of the GCU Relays is to get secondary schools together to compete in major areas of 100, 200, 400 metres, “and the relays which our people are very good to participate.”

He also noted that with the relays, GCU is hoping to produce great athletes, adding that if the college starts encouraging the growth of youth sports, competitions among secondary schools and down to primary school, it should be able to bring back the spirit of sports especially in the areas of strengthen.

He explained that the relay is set to encourage secondary schools to pick their best athletes to participate in GCU relays, then progress to national level and even international level.

According to him, “We have a fantastic facility; the tartan track which can be used for the competition. So we thought that will be a good place to produce students who are good in sports. As you well know, a lot of people have made their gains in sports and have made their wellbeing from sports. Some years back, parents never encouraged their children to go into sports because they taught it was a waste of time. But in recent times, we have realised that you can combine sports and academics.

“We can make our students to combine sports and academics and also make them know that there is dignity in sports. If we develop sports, it can be a spring board for other areas of life to develop. Therefore, we are hoping to have the second edition, the first one was successful, we invited about 35 schools and about 18 schools participated.

“I think what we are doing may look small, but can grow a seed for the country. The GCU Relays is something that needs to be supported and we have the likes of Shell, Pillar Oil and Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

“So sponsorship is a premium for any country to put their money to support us and sponsor athletes to national level. The moment we can connect the nexus of commerce, and academics we are going to be successful down the line. The best performing athletes will receive the Victor Ludrum scholarship award of N150,000 for maximum of three years.”