Experts Recommend 100% Fruit Juice in Diet  


Raheem Akingbolu

Experts have recommended regular consumption of fruits as a key ingredient to providing important nutrients for overall health and wellness.

 According to them, achieving the recommended goals of five fruit portion per day could be challenging and become hindered by availability, convenience, and affordability. 

A nutritionist with Healthyliving International, Folakemi Adeyemi,

stated that consuming 100 per cent fruit juices with no added sugar could reduce calories associated with added sugar without compromising quality nutrition.

“Globally, products with added sugars have come under severe scrutiny because they are believed to provide what is mostly referred to as empty calories without adding nutritional benefits. The natural sugar in fruit juices come with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant. They are a convenient way to reach your daily fruit intake recommendations,” she stated.

 Fruits is believed to be a must have for an everyday balanced diet, and 100 per cent fruit juice is a convenient way to enjoy a portion of fruit when one fails to eat enough whole fruit and vegetables for healthy living. 

“So, whether one’s favourite fruit is out of season or not readily available, he or she can reach out for convenience and healthy choice of your favourite fruit in 100 per cent fruit juice.

“Hundred per cent fruit juice has no added sugar, but contains only the naturally occurring sugars found in the fruit from which the juice is squeezed. 

“When included as part of your healthy diet, 100 per cent fruit juice can help meet recommended daily goals for fruit intake because it is a nutrient-dense drink that provides vitamins, minerals (folic acid, thiamine and magnesium) and beneficial plant nutrients like polyphenols.”