Smile Rewards Customers with New SMiFi, Router Devices


In furtherance of its quest to always please and excite its customers, 4G LTE pioneer service provider in West Africa, Smile Nigeria, has launched a campaign that is designed to give new SMiFi and router devices to its loyal customers. The latest offer is targeted at customers who have spent a minimum of 12 months on the Smile network.

Head of Brands and Communication, Smile Nigeria, Lotanna Anajemba, in a statement, explained that to be qualified, customers who have spent the required minimum duration of 12 months must have good data usage history and they must bring their old SMiFi or router device in exchange for the new device.

Anajemba further said that eligible customers could only benefit from the offer once in a year and would have to update their Know Your Customer (KYC) record with Smile to enable them get notification for the offer.

“ The lucky customers will be contacted via SMS and email and requested to visit their nearest Smile shop or kiosk nationwide to claim their new device. A vital aspect of the loyalty programme is that it offers the customer a router or SMiFi device at no extra cost. However, customers will have to trade in their old device for the new one. The campaign primarily rewards unflinching loyalty.
“We recognise that the internet is becoming more and more important for nearly everybody in their everyday lives, and as such, it is our goal to enable as many people as possible to enjoy the best customer experience on the Smile network,” Anajemba noted.

Applauding the offer, a cross section of keen industry watchers in unison, said the latest loyalty offer would help fortunate Nigerians on the Smile network to become owners of brand new SMiFi or router device. They noted that the offer is part of Smile Nigeria’s objective to extend Internet access to most Nigerians by delighting current customers and attracting new prospects alike.

Smile’s effort to get Nigerians on to the internet is demonstrated by its aggressive investment in what is now about the largest 4G LTE network in Nigeria, introduction of a wide and affordable bundle portfolio, affordable data enabled devices and now this exciting offer. The latest offer aligns with the company’s commitment to create a differentiated value proposition and provide customer centric services, which are aimed at adding benefits to its teeming customers spread across major cities and towns in the country.