Mile 12 Market Rebranded

The Mile 12 international food market, has witnessed a face-lift to reflect its position as centre for perishable agricultural produce in the sub-region of Economic Community of West Africa (ECOWAS). 

This was disclosed by the Chairman, Mile 12 international market, Usman Jibril, during an interview with journalists in Lagos, recently.

According to him, “The new development is to give the market an African identification as countries like Benin Republic, Niger, Chad, Ethiopia, and Kenya and some do buy our goods here and take to Cameroon and other ECOWAS states.

“Since the inception of the new market leadership, we have been able to achieved the following: unify all sections of the market irrespective of tribe or religion; cooperation with Lagos State Government; control the menace of traffic congestion and refuse management in the market; stopped the issues of street trading around the market; changed the face of the perimeter, and commenced the grading of Daramola/Fatoki street for easy offloading and accessibility by community people.”

“Others include the control the excesses of drug abuse, smoking and other bad drug in the market,” he said.

Going forward, he said the market leadership was committed to rebuilding all old structures in the market, into world class market.

“We are able to get a big garage of our own that can contain about 100 T5 vehicles, we single-handedly did something that would help change the atmosphere of the market, without support from anybody, because we know what we should do. 

“In 100 days from now we would have also done something that people would appreciate through loan from financial institutions that trust in what we are doing here.” 

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