Ambode’s Probe Will Weaken APC, Group Warns

Adedayo Akinwale

A socio-cultural and political organisation, Lagos Renaissance Group (LRG) has condemned call by some groups to probe former governor of the state, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, saying such calls can expose the state and the All Progressives Congress (APC) to the needless cracks and invasion of political enemies.

The group alleged that a September 24 protest by Lagos Youth Vanguard (LYV) against the former governor was part of the political game to rubbish pro-people projects he successfully implemented for four years.

The group gave the warning in a statement its chairman, Mr. Daniel Awesu and its Secretary General, Mr. Abdul-Quadri Enikanolaiye, saying call for Ambode’s probe could expose the state to the needless cracks and invasion of political enemies.

Members of the Lagos Youth Vanguard (LYV) had demonstrated at the Lagos state house of assembly on Tuesday, demanding the probe of the former governor for alleged corrupt activities.

The patron of the group, Mr. Rasak Olokooba and its President, Mr. Ibrahim Ekundina led other protesters, who alleged that Ambode deliberately laid landmine through the obvious improper, inappropriate and insufficient content in his handover note.

However, in its two-page statement, the group acknowledged that in a democracy, genuine protests and criticism were permitted, though money-induced protests and attacks by faceless elements “are harmful to any democracy and social well being of a society.”

The statement cited the decision of the Lagos House of Assembly to investigate 820 buses, which Ambode purchased while he was in office and the search of Ambode’s residences by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

It claimed that these “are indications of political assaults on Ambode in order to rubbish his rich and enviable credentials and pedigree. All the campaign of calumny against Governor Ambode will continue to fail in the face of logic as the man lives in the minds of the people.

“It will only be an act of feigning ignorance or mischief if anyone living in Lagos State is oblivion of the tremendous and daring but short-lived pro-people policies and program the former Governor Ambode designed and implemented during his four-year tenure (2015-2019).”

It promised to uproot and expose their identities for the world to see the faces of treachery and shenanigans, saying Ambode “has served Lagos diligently. He is forever grateful for the opportunity of leading Africa’s 5th largest economy for four impactful years.

“Hundreds of thousands of youths benefited from his people-oriented policies: Employment Trust Fund, Code Lagos, Ready, Set Work initiatives,” the statement pointed out.

It cited his government’s huge investment in Tourism, Art, and Culture, noting that the youths of the state “will remain his pride and ambassadors in how great policies can transform lives and society in a 21st-century economy.”

According to the statement, the youths are the true vanguards of how Lagos State can continue to fulfil its potentials.

The statement said the former governor “has no doubt in the capacity of the current administration added to the layers of progress required to take Lagos to the desired greater heights.”

Judging from several infrastructure projects spread across the metropolis, it noted that Ambode reconstructed former four-lane Murtala Mohammed International Airport turned into a ten-lane road with full street lights

The statement added that Ambode’s administration inaugurated 28 networks of roads inaugurated in Alimosho in one day, amongst several major road constructions in the city including; Abule-Egba bridge, Ajah flyover, Aboru bridge, and Ojodu-Berger’s transformation that permanently put an end to the age-long excruciating traffic congestion experienced by motorists and commuters amongst others.

It noted that the former governor’s focus was “to bring about development and an improved life to the people living and working in Lagos. The group said: “The people of Lagos will not forget in a hurry the Governor who served
them profoundly, diligently and with a soul.
“Let this be a call to order on susceptible people to desist from being used as puppets in perpetrating tomfooleries in Lagos state and attacking Governor Ambode for needless political gain. A word is enough for the wise.”

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