Renowned MakeUp Artiste, Ololade Koleosho Plans Big for Her MLPro Project

Ololade Koleosho

Ololade is a makeup artist of excellence and the creative director of MLPro Beauty And HAIRSsentialsByMLPro ( an African hair care line for natural or permed hair ). Asides make up she is a Social media enthusiast and a huge supporter of having multiple streams of income. Alongside all these she runs an online Logistics company too known as ErrandsIB.

Talking about starting her makeup career she said, ‘ I didn’t plan to be a makeup artist in fact some of the challenges I faced in my business over time was as a result of not having it all planned out, lack of preparation and basic business knowledge. Ever since I became an Orphan and we all had to find our way around things, I had always been involved in one job or the other as at the age of 17. When I gained admission into the University of Ibadan, I had learnt how to make hair and tie Gele so I got paid for hair and because I knew how to tie Gele , it was expected that I render makeup services too so I learnt via YouTube.’

Her company, MLPro isn’t just a makeup brand but a motivational and inspirational brand set to be a blessing to others not just through makeup but other things related.

Talking about her upcoming project she mentioned, ‘ MLPro has a network for youths known as the BeInspired Network and to celebrate our anniversary every year, we put together conferences for youths between age 16-27 with amazing speakers and lots more to encourage them to do and be more. To support their parents at the early stage while they can. The 3rd Annual Conference for this year is coming up October 17,2019and it’s set to let the youths know that “ While Doing That Which They Have A PASSION For INDEPENDENTLY, They Can be RESPONSIBLE too “.