Foundation Partners Google to Train Nigerian Youths on Coding


Coderina Education and Technology Foundation has entered into partnership with Google to initiate CSFirst Code Club to over 100 schools and community centres.

The CSFirst Code Club would offer trainings free of charge and facilitate CSFirst and Online Safety curriculum to over 3000 youths across Nigeria.
CSFirst curriculum, which is the main component of the code club is a specialised curriculum by Google based on the programming language, Scratch from MIT, which helps kids and youth to become equipped with 21st century coding skills, problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity thereby empowering them to be able to contribute to personal and community development.

The 2019 Google CSFirst Code Club rollout is simultaneously happening in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

The curriculum is developed based on real-life and practicalthemes that include: sports, fashion, game design, storytelling, music, among others, hence, every youth can be equipped to learn and understand how they can take advantage of global digitalisation.

Coderina Education and Technology Foundation, a Nigerian registered non-profit organisation, is the West Africa Operational Partner for the successful experiential international robotics and project-based learning programme FIRST LEGO League and recently FIRST Tech Challenge.

Director of Coderina, Mr. Akinniyi Obaide, disclosed after the just concluded official kick-off call with Google that the target youth within the age range of 9-16 years will participate.

These, he said, include students in secondary school and all technical schools. Participants will also be trained from community centres, libraries, youth camps, among others.

“Private and public schools, state and local governments and stakeholders are to signify participation via completing an online form. Teachers, parents, religious leaders and everybody should tap into this golden opportunity to start our youth up very early computer programming, a pathway to developing 21 century skills,” Obaide said.