SystemSpecs Shows Commitment to Develop Nation’s Technology Space


By Emma Okonji

SystemSpecs has demonstrated its commitment to develop the nation’s technology ecosystem by investing resources in young talents through the facilitation of rigorous coding sessions for secondary school students drawn from over 18 different schools from nine states and Federal Capital Territory (FCT) organised in Lagos.

The summer two-week coding class, organised for selected students, was hosted in collaboration with Techquest Academy, a technology college charged with the training of people on coding, by using robots and other gadgets.

Tagged Remita Summer Coding Camp, the camp was purposed to open the mind of the children to latent opportunities in the technology space and creatively expose them to the technological world while arousing their interest in exploring the world of innovations, creativities and developments.

Managing Director and CEO of SystemSpecs, Mr. John Obaro, said the the summer coding was organised to engage the students and build their skills and create in them the desire to be creative and innovative while guiding them towards exploring the world of technology.

“We just saw this coding camp as part of the opportunity to work with the kids and show them what the future is and encourage them to embrace software development since everything around us these days is technology-enabled. So being able to give these young ones the opportunity to understand what it is and being ready to take over the future of technology,” he said.

Techquest Operations Manager at SystemSpecs, Mr. Olumide Aderewale, one of the facilitators at the summer camp, pledged the company’s commitment towards a continuous follow-up on the students after the summer camp.

“This is just an introduction to whet the appetite of the students and also to create a hunger for them to learn. With this training, they will able to think creatively, work collaboratively and even build simple solutions.

“After the two weeks intensive session, they will also grow with the support of follow-up from us and their parents who will support them by getting the necessary resources. On our part, we have a link posted online that the kids can continue to learn under our tutelage,” he said.

One of the parents, who accompanied Aishat Lawal, one of the participating students to the camp, Olajide Lawal, told the media that he purposely brought her 12-year old daughter who is in JSS3 at the Federal Government College, Ibillo, Edo State, to the camp to learn how to write a line of code.

Lawal said that he had to register her ward when he learnt about the opportunities available to students who are digitally-inclined in this present digital age.

Speaking with the media during the summer camp, 13 years old and SS1 student of International School, University of Lagos, Diekoloreoluwa Ajayi shared the impact of the summer camp.

“I have learnt a lot. I have learnt how to build blocks from scratch. There is a programming language called Scratch. You don’t have to start building from Scratch. With the programming language called Scratch, you don’t have to write code, you just have to bring out the blocks. So I have learnt how to put blocks together,” Ajayi said.