Primate Ayodele’s Prophetic Warnings

Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, founder, INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, is known mainly for three things: winning souls into the vineyard of God, proffering spiritual solutions to spiritual problems by people who need his help and serving as a social commentator.

In all of these activities, he is recognized at home and abroad. Members of his congregation are ever willing to give incontrovertible testimonials on him.

In particular, he has also gained fame for his annual prophecies.

Those who know him very well as a seer never trivialize the content of the annual prophecy book, which has popularised his ministry. A few days ago, the powerful cleric presented his annual prophecy handbook, ‘Warnings to the Nations’, wherein he urged the Nigerian government to keep a close watch on the country’s borders with her neighbours for possible ‘external aggression’.

Primate Ayodele further attributed the problems plaguing Nigeria to leadership.

According to him, unless the Nigerian leaders change their ways and turn to God for solution, Nigeria will continue to swim in troubled waters.Giving excerpts from the new prophecy book that is currently circulating around the world, the cleric, who had earlier prophesied some of the events currently happening in the country including the challenges posed to government by the activities of the Shi’ite movement, said God revealed to him that Nigeria would still not be governed by the Igbo in 2023.

However, he warned that this might cause unforeseen trouble for other ethnic tribes. “Igbo will be disappointed on Nigeria’s presidency but there will be a problem,” he revealed. In the book, which is generating critical reviews, Primate Ayodele foresaw the death of a king and a popular talk show presenter in Lagos.

The popular seer, noting that ‘because God has a purpose for prophecy, which is to confirm His Word, there is no prophecy that is bad’.

He seems not to be unfazed by criticisms in some quarters over his annual prophecy , maintaining that he is always led by the Holy Spirit as a conveyor of divine messages to the world.

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