Joking Apart: Basketmouth, Bovi Not on Talking Terms

The latest news making the rounds is that ace comedians Basketmouth and Bovi have had a falling out. The beef between them is said to be so serious that their mutual friends are having to think twice before trying to help gather up the rubble of their broken friendship.

Basketmouth and Bovi who go way back have been fast friends since time immemorial. They always invited each other to the other’s events and even their families were closer than bread and yeast.

But something allegedly happened between them that set the two former friends on a warpath. Those close to the situation claim they do not see eye to eye anymore and that inviting one to a show automatically means the other wouldn’t attend. They now shun each other like desert and rain.

No one is sure of exactly what caused the fabric of their friendship to tear like useless cloth. There are however insinuations it is not unconnected with the apparent tiff between Basketmouth and Bovi’s wives. The two women are said to have stopped fraternizing with each other and even unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Others are of the opinion that a deal gone sour was the last straw that broke the camel’s back for Bovi and Basketmouth. One of them allegedly felt cheated and betrayed by the deal and has been nursing a grudge ever since.

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