Kellogg’s Treats Families to Free Breakfast


 Omolabake Fasogbon

As part of efforts to encourage breakfast taking among families,  ready-to-eat cereals manufacturers, Kellogg’s has feted over 800 families in a lavish breakfast. 

The Kellogg’s Big Family Breakfast is programmed such that  everyone around an identified locality gets invite to come along with families, friends, neighbours and sit down as one big Kellogg’s family to have breakfast in a relaxed environment.

They are  also served Kellogg’s cornflakes spiced with milk. More so,  there is a section for games and other activities which the company said was designed for all family members participation as a way of adding  life to the engagement.

According to the company, the activity is planned to run for several weeks in six  Local Government Areas of Lagos. The programme took off in Festac Town with over 316 participants present  and later moved to Ikosi Ketu where over 1,223 were catered for.  

The most recent event held  at LSDPC, Alaka Estate in Surulere with more than 380 people in attendance all of who expressed delight in the exercise. 

So far, over 1, 860, including parents and their kids, have benefitted from the exercise  that held in three local governments. 

Speaking on the exercise,  Marketing Manager, Kellogg’s,    Darlington Igabali, stated that the programme was brought up to encourage  parents kids, friends, neighbors to come together and relish good moments with the brand. 

“The brand has always promoted the importance of breakfast and family time, we realised that there is a decline in breakfast dining as a family ,and we are committed to be a part of the solution by letting people know the  value of breakfast.

“We carried out a dip-stick survey across few areas with the question; ‘when was the last time, you had breakfast as a family’? and the feedback was generally “not in recent time”! Nigeria is a nation blessed with a rich culture towards community and family values, however, urbanisation and busy schedule have made most of us compromise on certain activities that bond us together such as ‘family breakfast time’  before the start of our day,” he said. 

Public Relations Manager, Tolaram Group,  Mrs. Omotayo Azeez- Abiodun, added: “This activity ultimately goes to spread the importance of family time through the goodness of brand’s cornflakes.”